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The Vertical Guy Reinforcement (VGX) is a unique solution for monopoles that have overstresses in both the pole and foundation. Designed using the latest RISA 3-D software and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), the VGX has the potential to double your monopoles capacity with a minimal increase in footprint. Utilizing the same bent plate shape as the SWITCHBLADE and the BLADE, the VGX attachments fit easily onto round or sided monopoles using AJAX bolts.

The versatility of the VGX is what makes it an ideal reinforcement for overstressed poles and foundations. The attachment locations and spacing can be altered to fit around existing carriers, portholes or other obstructions. By being able to use any 3 sides of the pole, the VGX will be installed so that all base terminations are within existing lease space and do not interfere with any equipment on the ground.

The base termination of the VGX is custom designed to site-specific geological conditions. Whether the ground is soft sand or hard granite, SC will custom design base terminations that will ensure the stress will be taken out of the existing foundation.

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