Download BrochureThe BASE TERMINATION is the most effective solution on the market for taking the stresses out of monopole base plates. The design was centered on making a fully bolt-on reinforcement solution with limitless versatility at an affordable price.

Many monopole reinforcements on the market may take the stress out of the pole, but do not reinforce the most important part, the base plate. The BASE TERMINATION connects into the existing foundation with large anchor rods that ensures that the majority of stress will be transferred out of the monopole and into the foundation without creating a large localized stress at the bottom of the pole.

The BASE TERMINATION is designed to be attached directly to either the SWITCHBLADE or the BLADE to eliminate all of the poles overstresses.

Key Features:

» Bolt On Solution, No Field Welding
» Versatile: Customizable up to 20' Lengths
» High Strength Plage: Min. 65ksi Yeild
» Installs Quickly: (3) Full Base Reinforcements in 1 Day
» Eliminates Overstresses in Pole and Baseplate

Design Configuration: Round or Multi-Sided Poles
Existing Pole Diameter: 18" Min. (No Max. Diameter)
Section Capacities: Allowable: 250 kips
Reinforcement Sides: Pole Dependent (Usually 3 or 6)
Min. Reinforcement Length: 7.5'
Connection to Pole: AJAX Bolts
Anchor Rod Size:

2-3/4" Dia.

Anchor Rod Grade:

A193-B7 115

Material (Bent Plate):

Min. ASTM A572 Gr. 65