Download BrochureThe ADJUSTABLE SUB-HORIZONTAL reinforcement system from Structural Components is the fastest installing, most versatile reinforcement on the market. The system is designed to reduce the stress in self-supporting tower legs and diagonals. The design has also been optimized for maximum adjustability, versatility and strength.

The ADJUSTABLE SUB-HORIZONTALS have u-bolted leg clips as well as a center plate that is installed to the stitch bolt. The plate also has multiple sets of holes to guarantee fit-up and also allow for the same parts to be installed on an increment of 6" face widths. The diagonals also may be installed facing in or out, therefore coax or antenna mounts can be avoided during installation. Structural Components' ADJUSTABLE SUB-HORIZTONALS are cost-effective, install quickly and will greatly increase the strength of any self-supporting tower.

Key Features:

» Bolt On Solution, No Field Welding
» Doubles Diagonal and Leg Compression Capacity
» Adjustable Assembly for Avoiding Obstructions
» Installs Quickly
» Unlimited Face Width and Leg Size Fit-Up

Design Configuration: For Use on Self Support Towers
Tower Bracing: X Bracing
Tower Face Width: Unlimited
Connection to Legs: Adjustable Plates (U-Bolted)
Connection to Diagonals: Adjustable Center Plate
Angle Attachments: A325 Structural Bolts
Material (Angle): Min. ASTM A572 Gr. 36
Material (Plate): Min. ASTM A572 Gr. 50