Download BrochureThe TOWER WRAP is designed for guyed towers that are severely overstressed. In the past, most tower owners have opted to take down these towers and put up new ones, but with zoning issues and relocating carriers the costs add up quickly. That is where the TOWER WRAP comes in, because it is a reinforcement, the zoning and permitting costs will be minimal compared to those for a new tower. The major benefit of the system is that the tower fits around existing antennas, so there will be no money wasted on taking down lines and antennas only to put them right back up.

The TOWER WRAP is a solid rod leg guyed tower utilizing a similar design as Structural Components new guyed towers, utilizing the FATIGUE FREE SPLICE. Installation of the TOWER WRAP is almost twice as fast as a new tower. No cranes or gin poles will ever be needed. The existing tower can be used to pull up all new sections. If you want to turn your old, overstressed tower into a stronger, more reliable tower that can greatly increase your revenue, do it with the TOWER WRAP!

Key Features:

» Strength: Easily Doubles Tower Capacity
» No Carriers Temporarily Off-Air or Relocated
» Faster Install than "Drop and Swap"
» Allows Capacity for future Carriers

Design Configuration: Existing Guyed Tower
Tower Face Width: Unlimited
New Tower Face Width: Typ. 2.5 x Existing Face Width
New Tower Bracing: X Bracing
New Tower Legs: Solid Rod (A572 Gr. 36)
New Tower Members: Angle (A582 Gr. 36)
New Section Lengths: 20'
New Guy Anchors: 1 or 2 Anchors in Each Direction
Connection to Existing Tower: U-Bolted (Once per Section)