Download BrochureThe Vertical Guy Reinforcement (VGX)* is a unique solution for monopoles that have overstresses in both the pole and foundation or poles with a high degree of deflection at a proposed dish mount location. Designed using the latest RISA 3-D analysis software, the VGX has the potential to double your monopole's capacity and reduce tilt / twist by as much as 80% with a minimal increase in tower footprint.

The versatility of the VGX is what makes it an ideal reinforcement for overstressed poles, foundations and poles with high deflections. The attachment locations and spacing can be altered to fit around existing carriers, port holes, reinforcements or any other obstruction. With only a few bolt-on connections to the pole shaft, the VGX can be installed quickly and economically on any round or sided pole and is easily upgradeable by extending the threaded bar further up the pole shaft to meet the required overstresses and deflections.

The base termination of the VGX is custom designed to site specific geological conditions. Whether the ground is a wet sand requiring helical anchors or a hard granite requiring rock bolts, every reinforcement system will be proof loaded to 100% of its design loads to ensure the system works as intended.

Key Features:

» Reduces Tilt/Twist by as much as 80%
» Reduces Overstresses In Tower Mast
» Bolt On Solution, No Field Welding
» Versatile: Can Clear Mounts and Obstructions
» Same Design for Round or Sided Poles
» Installs Quickly: 1 Day for 3 Sides

Design Configuration: Round or Multi-Sided Poles
Existing Pole Diameter: 18" Min. (No Max. Diameter)
Reinforcement Sides: 3 Min.
# of Attachment Levels: 1 Min.
Typ. Attachment Spacing: 10'
Typ. Standoff Arm Lengths:

6', 8' & 10'

Connection to Pole:

AJAX Bolts

Base Termination:

Helical, Rock Anchors or Existing Foundation

Material (Bent Plate):

Min. ASTM A572 Gr. 65

Material (Arm Plates):

Min. ASTM A572 Gr. 50