Download BrochureThe VERTICAL SOLID ROD (VSR) reinforcement is the fastest, most cost-effective way to reinforce diagonals on a guyed tower. Never mind the complicated, difficult to install diagonal reinforcements on the market, go right to the VSR and get your entire project done in less than a month!

The VSR works by u-bolting to the diagonals and horizontals of solid-rod member guyed towers. This cuts the un-braced lengths of the members in half, doubling the compression capacity of the diagonals. Because the part u-bolts to the tower, there are no antenna or TX mounts that can stand in the way of the reinforcement. It also may be installed on the inside or the outside of the tower to increase its versatility. It also sleeves together without bolts to further decrease installation time.

Key Features:

» Bolt On Solution, No Field Welding
» Strength: Doubles Diagonal Compression Capacity
» Versatility: Fits Inside or Outside of Tower
» Installs Quickly; 20' Lengths for Fast Install

Design Configuration: Solid Rod Guyed Towers
Tower Bracing: X or C Bracing
Tower Face Width: Unlimited
VSR Per Face: Face Width Dependent (1 or 2)
VSR Lengths: 5' up to 20'
Connection to Tower: U-Bolted (Every Panel)

Pipe Sleeves

Material (Solid Rod):

Min. ASTM A572 Gr. 36