Download BrochureThe VERTx is the most effective truss-leg reinforcement on the market, with the potential to increase the capacity on your self-support tower legs by as much as 80%. The VERTx has 1/3 the number of bolts compared to other reinforcements on the market, it also installs faster and looks better.

The design consists of (3) bent plates u-bolted to each leg with splices every 10'. While most reinforcements on the market use 36 ksi solid rod to reinforce these legs, the VERTx utilizes 50 ksi bent plate. The VERTx also bolts to the existing leg splice bolts and anchor rods, to ensure that the large stresses in the legs will be minimized. In the past this reinforcement has replaced existing truss leg reinforcements to allow for an extra carrier. If your looking to maximize the strength of your truss-leg tower, look no further than the VERTx.

Key Features:

» Bolt On Solution, No Field Welding
» Strength: Potential to Nearly Double SST Leg Capacity
» Installs Quickly, Up to 60' Per Day

Design Configuration: Truss Leg Self-Supporting Towers
Existing Truss Size: 8" FW to 30" FW
Assembly Lengths: 10'
Splice Connections: A325 Bolts
Leg Connections: U-Bolts
Base Termination: Existing Anchor Rods
Material (Bent Plate):

Min. ASTM A572 Gr. 50