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Structural Components, has taken on a joint venture with other reputable companies to create safety within the tower industry, increase accuracy in analysis and to save money for tower owners.

After seeing the subjectivity in interpretation of the effects of wind flow around structural reinforcements and linear appurtenances on the outside of monopoles, Structural Components and other leading companies have collaborated to fund full scale wind tunnel testing to obtain 'hard data' of wind coefficients to increase accuracy on monopole analysis.

The test subjects were 12 & 18 sided monopoles with and without structural reinforcements, transmission lines and various types of platforms and antenna configurations.

By performing tests of this magnitude, the real life drag coefficients will help take the guess work out of analyses by providing true values for such subjective issues as laminar flow around poles with linear appurtenances and shielding of multiple antennas on triangulated platforms. The results will be published in an effort to gain consistency in the tower industry. Structural Components' patent pending WAVESystem was also subject to full scale testing on a pole in an effort to maximize the efficiency of the system. As the preferred upgrade choice by many tower owners, testing of the WAVESystem is a process that will be beneficial to the tower owner as well as the entire wireless industry.

Testing Facilities

Full Scale wind tunnel testing was recently performed at the Langley Full Scale Tunnel at Langley, VA. The tunnel is the largest University-Operated Wind Tunnel in the world.

The tunnel test section is normally 30ft. high by 60ft. wide with a quasi- elliptical cross section, 56ft. long. It is a closed circuit, three quarter open- jet, double return, continuous flow design that operates at atmospheric pressure.

The test facility is equipped with a PSI-8400 electronically scanned pressure transducer system. It consists of a data acquisition and calibration unit, and remote pressure- measuring modules.

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