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Some say the most critical aspect of a tower is its foundation, yet when the foundation information is not available, most structural analyses merely assume that the structure is in compliance with the current standard. Other times, the tower analysis is based on original drawings that have never been field verified. A mapping by SC guarantees accurate foundation dimensions that are crucial to analyzing these structures.

Guyed Anchor Foundation Mappings:

Guy anchor foundation dimensions are typically found through careful excavation. Our technique ensures the majority of load bearing soil remains undisturbed. All excavated soil is returned to its original location and is compacted to ensure that the foundation integrity is not diminished. Other advantages to excavating guy anchor foundations include locating any cracks or fractures, determining the original pouring technique (free-poured or formed) and inspecting general soil conditions.

Tower Base Foundation Mappings:

Structural Components understands the importance of eliminating restoration costs and performs non destructive foundation mappings to verify and report the depth, size and shape of existing base foundations for communications towers.

Using pulse wave technology, minimal hand-excavation, and probing, SC engineers can assess a tower's below grade foundation size while reducing soil disturbance and allowing for quick turn around on a foundation analysis.

Some benefits of non destructive foundation analysis are that load bearing soils remain undisturbed, minimal weather delays occur and quick foundation assessments can be made.

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