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Tower Mapping:

Structural Components offers full monopole, self supporting and guyed tower mappings. Our field engineers who have the ability to climb any tower to any height perform tower mappings. With towers frequently changing hands and tower loadings constantly changing, it is difficult to find the up-to-date and accurate information required to analyze structures. A mapping by Structural Components guarantees an accurate structural analysis.

A Structural Components tower mapping provides (but is not limited to):

  • Antenna, mount & line inventory/ location
  • Structural member sizes
  • Section details and geometry
  • Tower height confirmation
  • Connection details
  • Tower base detail
  • Guy anchor locations, guy wire sizes and attachment detail
  • Manufacturer and model assessment
  • Compound detail and Lighting information
  • Basic maintenance inspection
  • Extensive photographic documentation
Click on the link to review the TIA-222-G recommendations for the inspection and maintenance of communications towers.

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